Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last day!

Today starts our last day in China.  Early tomorrow morning (aprox 5:45 am) we will head to the airport.  We will spend a large portion of today packing our suitcases.  Even though Mark, Abby and I will be coming "home" I need to remember that Adam and Megan and leaving "home."  This will probably be a very emotional time for them, even though they may not show it. 
We are calling them Adam Jiujiu (JoJo) and Megan Yanmei.  They do not respond to their American names yet.  Adam is starting to allow affection (hugs and kisses) but Megan isn't there yet. 
Please pray for Abby she is having problems with jealousy and feeling "unloved" due to the time we are spending with Megan and Adam.
We went to the local zoo two days ago and had a good time, Adam wasn't feeling well when we arrived but he perked up after a bit.  Getting home was a bit of an adventure.  We took a taxi to the zoo.  When we were ready to leave we waited for about 30 minutes for a taxi.  Noone wanted to stop for us...I was beginning to feel like we had a sign on our foreheads (Don't stop for us!)  Finally a taxi stopped, to let someone out.  We grabbed it and started back to our hotel.  At a light the engine died but the driver was able to start it up again.  About 15 minutes into the ride the tire blew!  The driver told us to get out and we had to run across a lane of traffic to get to the curb.  Then we started all over again trying to find anoth cab...with our forehead signs firmly in place!  About 10 minues later a cab pulled over, to let someone out....we grabbed it!  (Sound familiar?)  Thankfully the rain started AFTER we were in the taxi.  There were no other incidents on our way back to the hotel...
I hope our story lifted your day a little!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Medical visit

All in all the medical visit went well.  We were there for about 3 hours.  Mostly sitting and waiting.  They had to go to three different rooms, one for ENT (ears,  nose, throat), Height and weight and an exam.  Adam and Megan got their TB test and we get it checked in two days.  Adam balked at the TB test but we did get it done.  Now, we go back tomorrow morning for shots.  We don't know how many they will need but I can alread envison Adam shaking his head  saying, "No no no!" at me again!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interesting day!

Well, today was very "interesting"! We bought Adam a chess set, he loves chess but neither of us play chess. It looks like we're going to have to rely on my dad to be Adam's chess partner! Well, when we showed him the set he imediately started putting the pieces on the board. Mark ran out to get some snacks for lunch so Adam picked me to play chess with him! You haven't experienced confusing until your son, who is speaking Chinese, trys to explain Chess to you! I used the phrase "Bu Dong" which means "don't understand" more times in five minutes than I ever thought I would! He ended up telling me in Chinese while moving most of my pieces for me. When one of the pieces would capture another piece he would make a "chomping" sound like one piece ate another one! So cute!

We also found Toy Story 2 and 3 DVDs for less than $2 each. last night Adam and Abby watched it on the computer and Adam got so excited at parts that he was jumping up and down in his chair.

Megan is doing well. She is much more shy than Adam. We brought a beach ball and when we play with it we end up doing a "hotel volleyball game" that gets everyone laughing. I love seeing Megan laugh!

Right now we're mainly still calling Adam and Megan by their Chinese names but we are starting to transition to using calling them Adam JiuJiu and Megan YanMei to get them used to their American names.

We apprieciate your prayers.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Second day

Well, we are halfway through our second day with Megan and Adam.  They are doing well.  We went swimming with them and Megan really enjoyed it.  unfortunately, I didn't realize that I have to treat them like an infant with things they haven't experienced before, Megan went underwater and I had to pull her up.  She's ok, she was scared but was able to still have fun after a little while.  They slept well last night, they both got ready for bed by themsleves and did so willingly.  Adam loves his Nintendo DS, we will put some time limits on it when we get home but for now we're pretty much letting him play it whenever.
Adam really loves Coke and Abby is starting to really like it as well.  Abby has been great with them.  She hasn't been focused on herself at all, except for last night when she was REALLY hungry!  I've been so proud of her.  Abby and Megan seem to both enjoy playing games together.  We brought several travel games and they love them.  They really liked Connect 4.
I just got back from a search to find some more shorts for them, but no luck.  Everyone else is down playing ping pong, which Adam has wanted to do since yesterday.
Please keep us all in your prayers.

Our new children!

Well, we have our new children!  Adam and Megan seem to be settling in well but there have been some struggles.  Please continue to pray for them, especially Megan.  Here's a photo from earlier today.  Pictures seem to be loading very slowly so I may not be posting many photos.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

40 minutes!

We will be leaving in about 40 minutes to meet Megan and Adam.  We will meet them about 10:00.  Please keep us in your prayers!!  (I can't read any comments on our blog until we get home but I'd love to have tons of comments to read at home.)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Were're here!

The following was typed out when we were flying.
We are flying and are close to the North Pole.  We are 5 hours into our 13 hour flight.  After trying to sleep I felt
led to type out my feelings.  I felt convicted that I had not fully realized God's hand in our adoptions.  I
spent a few minutes praying and thanking God for the wonderous things He has done for us.  God led us to perserve
through the "mountains" of paperwork.  He provided for our financial needs throughout this adoption, when we
needed funds they were there- whether through a grant, a gift or a loan.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!
He "allowed" our journey to take longer than predicted, so that we would have the blessing of adopting Megan and
Adam together, as brother and sister!  Two children who have been best friends for years will be siblings in three
days!  Every step of this journey had been mapped out by our Lord before our children had been born, before Mark
and I were born.  Praise the Lord for His wisdom!!
There have been times that I have doubted that adoption is the right path for our family.  Thank you Lord that I
did not allow that doubt to sway me from your path.  I have felt fear of the unknown and there have been, and
continue to be, many unknowns.  Even this morning, when I was preparing to leave, I felt fear come over me. 
Thankfully the Lord reminded me that Satan would love to paralyze me with fear, if it will keep me from God's plan.
I rebuked the devil, loudly enough that Mark asked if I was ok! That fear left and I praised the Lord for his
faithfulness to His Children. 
We will land in Beijing in eight hours so I should finish up so I can sleep. 
Please continue to keep us in your prayers so that we can do our Father's will.

We have been in China for three days.  Beijing was quite an experience.  It rained almost the whole time were were there.  We toured for a whole day and we saw The Great Wall of China, the Olympic Village, a Cloisonné factory and Tiananmen Sq. 
We will be meeting Adam and Megan tomorrow around 10:00, which is Saturday night at 10:00 am for our East Coast friends and family.  I will try to post photos as soon as I can.  We have been told that Adam is very talkative (sounds like Brian) and Megan is quiet and shy with new people (which sounds like Abby and Emily)  I think they will fit right in! Please continue to pray for their transition. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ready to leave....

We will be leaving our house tomorrow at 6:00 am. We will be flying out of Newark, NJ around 12:10. Please keep us in your prayers and we will post our next post from China!!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Journey

This was written by my mother and sent to me a few days ago.

"Early in November 2008, the Smith family traveled to BFCN on a Sunday morning, little knowing the trip would end up taking them to the other side of the world… that part of the trip begins on Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

Fifty Children for Fifty Churches – how many, if any, thought
that our church would pray for the first child - Adam – and
he would actually become a part of the BFCN family??

As Abigail sat in the worship service that morning, she listened and looked at the five children we were asked to pray for. Adam was highlighted on this first Sunday and the Father of All lit a fire in Abby’s heart for the little boy who looked “so sad” and needed to be adopted by her family. After church, Abby came to me, her grandmother, and said, “We need to adopt Adam” as she pointed to his picture in the bulletin insert. Grandma became the first naysayer: “Maybe you can ‘adopt’ a Compassion Child.” But Abby, thankfully, already had a specific “compassion child” in her heart and she persisted in her loving pursuit of bringing Adam into the family.

At Abby’s determined requests, her parents began to pray and her younger sister and brother began to pray, as well. Her parents felt led by the Lord to call the adoption agency that very same week. And the process began. Abby’s grandparents began to pray; others joined in the chorus. Undoubtedly all weren’t singing the same tune or requesting the same direction from the Father but He, nonetheless, was working and orchestrating the song.

God had actually begun working on this grandma’s heart several weeks earlier. The Christian radio station I listen to each morning began their several day Compassion International drive for sponsors of needy children. I resisted, even purposefully didn’t turn on the radio for several days, so that I wouldn’t hear the “song.” When I went to the next Beth Moore Bible study (which was so very good, by the way), even Beth Moore took time to talk about the importance of helping those in need, especially the children. I actually remember saying in my mind, “Enough already!” As the Lord continued His work, a friend told me of her friend’s loss of his mother at an early age when he (Angel) then became an orphan. His plight prompted compassion and another needy Angel (from Nicaragua) became our own compassion child. Grudgingly at the start, but now a joy to our heart! God is good!

After Adam became an “issue,” the Lord continued His work in my heart. On Wednesday evenings as I would drive home after watching Brian while his sisters and parents were at Awana, I listened to Dennis Rainey’s Family Life Today radio program. November must have been “National Adoption Month” because every program for several weeks shared very stirring, thought provoking, heart-plucking stories about adoption. I KNEW God was working and I wasn’t too happy about it at the time – but I still listened! “OK, I’m ‘getting it’” was often swirling around in my mind and I was finally able to lay my concerns at His feet and “get on board” the adoption train.
It wasn’t too much longer until we had “adopted” Adam in our hearts and he became our grandchild. We were anxious for the process to “get a move on it” but we knew God had a plan. Well, God continued the stretching process and, once again, His plan was different than what we had in mind. When Beth called me one day in December (2009) to tell me they were thinking about adopting a girl from China, the first words that came to my mind (but thankfully not out of my mouth) were, “What are you thinking about???” What I said, however, was, “We’ll be praying for you.” And pray we did. Thankfully, this time around we were a bit more in tune with the Director!

Beth and I had a discussion about the process/decisions and she had some really good insights and observations. She thinks that God may have elongated the process of adopting Adam so they would have the opportunity to see Megan in group pictures taken by other adoptive families. Both Mark and Beth felt drawn to Megan and were in agreement after praying about it. Beth believed that if it wasn’t God’s plan for them to adopt Megan, He could very well stop the process with a “no” anywhere along the significant checks and balances process. Months after starting the process to adopt Megan, they found out that Megan was a very good friend of Adam’s. They also found out that Adam had been nervous about being adopted, but when he found out Megan was being adopted by the same family, he was encouraged.

Mark and Beth reached out in faith and only God knows the eternal extent of that reach. I am blessed, humbled and encouraged by their open hearts and willingness. They have taken large steps in this journey and faced many hurdles…I believe their God is big enough to see them through the trip to the glorious end/beginning. And hopefully our newest grandchildren – Adam and Megan -- will be with us in our forever and ever Home as children of the best Father, the King of Kings!!"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adam turns 12!!!

Adam turned 12 today or yesterday, depending on which country you are in! We got photos of the birthday cake we sent to him. Here's a photo of him handing out the cake to some of the other children.

Friday, September 3, 2010

In country travel....

Our adoption agency just estimated $6,000-$7,000 for our in country travel. We don't have that amount. I need to remember that God will provide for us. We need to wait for Him. We can't do this on our own.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

14 days!!!

We will be heading to China in 14 days. Please continue to pray for Emily as this is becoming more "real" everyday.

We sent a care package to Adam for his birthday! Adam turns 12 on Sept 9th. This will be his last birthday in China and with his friends from the orphanage, except Megan of course!