Saturday, December 25, 2010

First Conversation

Last night Yanmei and I had our first conversation. It was pretty cool. Yanmei was asking how old Mark's parents and siblings are and how old my parents and sister is. Also we talked about my grandfather and how the rest of Mark and my grandparents have died (I even told her that they are all in heaven with Jesus..I don't know if she understood that). I explained that Jiujiu is her Didi (little brother) which she didn't agree with (I don't know if she doesn't think of him as her brother yet or if she just didn't want to call him her Didi or if she thought Jiujiu would be upset if he heard that) I explained that even though they are both 12 her birthday is in June and his is in Sept so she is old then him, I know she undestood because she said "three", meaning three months.

It was pretty cool.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small update

We are having some good days but the bad days are so bad that they over shadow the good days.
I told my mom that it feels like all the good stuff is being drained out of me and the only thing left is stress.

Yesterday I took Yanmei to see an opthomologist to have her eyes examined. It went well. Her left eye is 20/20 and her right eye is 20/40. We are going to try to get her right eye to improve if possible before the Dr does surgery on Yanmei's left eye. Yanmei is resisting the idea of surgery right now. We are hoping that she changes her mind. We won't force her to have surgery but I think it will help her so much. Yanmei's opthomologist is Chinese and was able to explain everything without having to have an interpreter involved. She is a very nice woman and she told Yanmei that she could call her anytime.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Things have been very difficult in our family for awhile. I am not sure what to put on our blog so I have been silent. I would like to ask for prayer, our family needs it. Thank you.