Sunday, July 26, 2009

New puzzle picture

Well, Mark and I set aside time to work on the puzzle today...we are STILL not puzzle people. LOL! We have 252 pieces put into the puzzle. We have had 472 pieces sponsored. We're getting there.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yuan has a family!!!

The 12 year old girl from two posts ago has a family. I don't have any details but I did find out that she is in the process of being adopted. Praise the Lord!!!


1/4 of the way there!! Also, school news...

We have raised/been approved for 1/4 of the amount needed to adopt Adam. This is from the fundraisers, the grant from Bethany and the money we've saved. Right now I have several books listed on Ebay, with several more to be listed in the coming weeks. We have been listing "leftovers" from our yard sale on Craigslist. Mark is just looking forward to clearing out the garage again!! LOL!

On that front, we have had 470 puzzle pieces sponsored so far. We are, unfortunately, not as far along on putting the puzzle pieces together! If anyone lives in DE and loves to put puzzles together...I can give you our address. Yes, I am serious!...Either email me or call me (302-832-9036)

We mailed out our application for the I800A last week. We are working on the dossier, we're 2/3 of the way through our "checklist" for the dossier.

We have applied for one adoption grant and are working on several others right now.

On to the "school news", Mark and I have decided to homeschool Abby and Emily. There are definate financial reasons for this decision but I am feeling excitment about this new direction in the girls' schooling. This is something that I NEVER thought I'd been doing...and some of you have heard me say that!

Off to research homeschooling and work on adoption "stuff"!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

12 year old girl needs a home!!

There are parents who advocate for children who are still waiting for families. Here is a message from a mom who is trying to find a family for this girl. I feel such a burden on my heart for this girl.

"I've advocated for this girl before, but no family has come forward for her. I met her last year when I was adopting two of her foster home "sisters." She begged me to take her too, but understood when I told her that my paperwork was only approved for her sisters. I've been haunted since that time with her request "Tell your friends and family in America about me! Tell them I want to have a family too!" So I am trying again, in the hopes that Yuan does have a family out there somewhere.
Yuan is a soft spoken, very sensitive, 12 year old girl who will be 13 soon. She loves to sing, play with babies, and works hard in school. She is blind, as are all of the children in her foster home. She speaks fluent English and knows both English and Chinese Braille. She has been studying very hard the last few months after some of her friends were adopted. She said she wants to do well so she can be adopted too. She is very helpful and likes to take care of the people around her. She was shy when everyone was crowding to see me, but was thrilled to sit quietly and talk to me at length. She just has such a sweet, gentle spirit. It just shines out of her when you speak with her. She knows she is close to aging out, and desperately wants a family before it is too late.Her orphanage does not believe she is adoptable due to her blindness. Her paperwork has not been prepared for adoption, and will not be unless a family comes forward for her. Thus she has no chance to be seen on waiting child sites or to benefit from any advocacy from adoption agencies. However, should a family come forward, her paperwork can be forwarded directly to the adoption agency of the family. This is the procedure that we used to adopt her foster sisters. If we were in any financial position to adopt again, we would go back for her in a heartbeat. Having adopted two of her "sisters", I can testify that they were very well prepared for adoption, and that living with children who are blind is simply not as hard as one might imagine. There is much more information available on Yuan to interested families. Please feel free to contact me for additional information. Also, please feel free to crosspost. I would really love for Yuan to find a family.
vtscott @ cox . net"